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Alwafa International Co. supply and provides corrosion preventive and protective Covers manufactured  in U.S.A. by Envelope , the world leader in the field of corrosion  preventive covers.
Envelop Protective Cover's are the finest anti-corrosive , nearly 3 times more resistant to puncturing , the seam strength of these covers is  proved to be also over 16 times stronger than the competition. and over 7 times more resistant to water than the competitor. 
Recent tests confirm that Envelop Protective Covers not only the most effective corrosion preventing
covers in the world,  but they are also in a class of their own when it comes to durability.
Envelop Protective Covers can be used by the Military Departments to protect  the following :
FIREARMS such as shotguns, rifles, handguns etc.
Envelop Protective Cases were developed to protect the valuable firearms from the damage of corrosion caused by the environmental factors .
Envelop Protective Covers used for artillery are simpler in design, lighter, easier to install, offer industry leading corrosion protection, and maintain the durability that has made them a favorite with the troops. 
Paladin Covers
Made of the new Envelop Magnum Series materials, this version of the Paladin is 35% lighter than its’ predecessor. Low friction inner materials ease installation and removal. The Paladin cover can be installed with three crewman in six minutes. The FAASV is a one piece cover that can be installed by two crewman in six minutes. Both covers prevent water intrusion into the engine and hull compartments. Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI’s) embedded into the covers prevent corrosion and keep equipment in optimal condition.
The tube and main sections of the cover have been combined helping to ease installation and eliminate time consuming Velcro seams. Material improvements have reduced the weight by 20%. The cumbersome tenting pole has been replaced by an effortless strap system, that prevents pooled water from burdening removal. The cover can be installed with two crewman in five minutes and still offers unparalleled corrosion protection and maintenance cost reduction. 
The previous four piece version has been consolidated into a more efficient and effective two piece design. The simplified design is compatible with both the A2 and A3 versions. Covering both the upper carriage and electronics sled, the new cover weighs 20% less than the previous design. The cover can be easily installed with two crewman in five minutes. 
The new HIMARS cover is 35% lighter than the previous version and uses a straightforward design. A tenting feature has been added to prevent pooling at the front of the launcher, helping to ease removal As with the other covers, improved inner materials allow effortless installation, decrease maintenance down-time, and increase readiness. 
Envelop Protective Covers are ideal for protecting many of the sensitive components on these systems including the connectors, circuit boards, and cabling. Waterproof, breathable 
Envelop Protective Covers provide far better protection than competitors and standard-issue vinyl covers. Vinyl traps moisture and is rapidly broken down by grease and oils, it also deteriorates rapidly from the UV radiation of sunlight. Breathable Envelop Protective Covers are waterproof yet allow moisture to escape. And they are not broken down by the greases and oils used on the system. 
In addition, the Envelop material contains a powerful vapor corrosion inhibitor, which floods the covered space, bonds to metals and prevents oxygen from touching the metal.
The Envelop light weight Magnum Series covers , developed in mid-2012, have become the preferred means for protecting Military's fleet of combat vehicles. The combination of unmatched durability, breathability, ease of use, and performance has rendered Envelop 's Magnum Series as the premier protective cover for combat vehicles. 
These new Stryker designs are the most recent additions to this robust fleet of covers. Using the latest CAD technology, Four mainc omposite designs  have been created to be used to preserve ten Stryker variants, increasing the utility value of each cover. Envelop Protective Covers ensure that Strykers are combat ready, preservation costs are kept in check, and scarce funding is available for other uses.
Envelop Protective Cover's patented technology is at the forefront of the preservation initiative. The multi-layered, waterproof, breathable, design wicks away moisture, reduces corrosion by up to 90%, and protects from dirt, dust, snow, sleet, sand, and UV rays. Designed for ground vehicles, the Magnum Series covers provide the same unparalleled protection, are 30% lighter than traditional Envelop Protective Covers and have a low-friction inner-material that allows for easy installation and removal. 
Magnum Series vehicle covers will reduce maintenance manpower requirements, decrease replacement expenses, provide flexibility in a multitude of environments, and ensure readiness.
Padded Stabilator covers provide impact protection from accidentally dropped tools or equipment used while performing maintenance on the tail rotor assembly or servicing the gearbox of the Aircraft . 
Envelop has designed a cover that provides 100% impact protection to the area of the Stabilator below the gearbox from a tool weighing up to 6 pounds, dropped from a height of 8 feet. This type of protection is important because the costly composite Stabilators on some Aircrafts require replacement for any type of damage. 
“Envelop’ covers used to protect Helicopters will help in saving the Helicopter's instruments from becoming sun bleached and extend the life of the windscreens from dust storms and taxiing aircraft during 24 hour operations.
Envelop® Protective Covers are specifically designed to protect a particular piece of equipment and use the latest in design and fabrication techniques. The process begins with a site visit by a technical support representative who gathers vital information such as: the equipment’s location, exposure, intended use, maintenance requirements, operational parameters, protection needs, and dimensions. If allowed, detailed photos of the equipment are taken, enabling Shield to use the latest in photo-modeling technology. Using these inputs, Engineers create a wireframe CAD drawing that serves as a template for custom cover creation and leads to the production of a prototype cover. 
A second visit will be conducted by a technical support representative and design engineer to test the “fitting cover” on the equipment. At this stage, locations for openings, straps, and other features that will enhance the performance of the cover can be incorporated into the design. Once all parties are satisfied with the proposed design, a full Envelop® Protective Cover is built to specification. 
Designs vary in complexity and some require additional fittings to ensure exceptional customer satisfaction. 
Upon completion of design and production, an Envelop Protective Cover will be delivered. With its highly engineered design, durable construction, and patented technology; the advanced materials of Envelop Protective Covers will provide years of service and help reduce maintenance man-hours, increase equipment readiness, and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of equipment. 


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