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Alwafa International Co. supply and provide the Rook  Armored Critical Incident Vehicle made in USA .

This Tactical vehicle with it’s tactical advantages  is used by Law Enforcement Departments who are dealing with a hostage rescue, barricaded suspects, riot scene, or natural disaster.

The Rook was custom designed with mission specific attachments that increase job safety, while also improving the ease and speed of changing attachments.

The Rook Standard Package :

The Rook Vehicle:

• Cat 287C Multi-Terrain Loader

• 84 Gross HP Engine

• Cab Reinforcement Fabrication with NIJ Level IV Armor

• 13,000 lbs. Operating Weight

The Attachments:

• Armored Deployment Platform (ADP) with integrated video system

• Hydraulic Breaching Ram (HBR) with integrated video system

• Vehicle Extraction Tool (VET)

• Grapple Claw (GC)

• 25’ x 8’ Gooseneck Trailer with additional 6’ dovetail loading ramp, two 10,000 lb. axles, dual tandem wheels & tool box

The Optional Equipment & Upgrades

• OC Dispenser System – for deployment of OC from the front  of the Hydraulic Breaching Ram.

• Integrated Night Vision

• FLIR Thermal Imaging

• Tactical Breaching Tools mounted to Platform

• Light Bar Package (LED)

• Wireless feed with wrist mounted monitors for team

• Warranty Upgrades – Parts and Labor Extended Service Coverage 36 Months/3,000 hours.

• Wireless Remote Control

• CW, TICS & TIMS detection

• CBRN cab-overpressure

• Explosives / IED mitigation package

• Real-time video uplink


One of The Rook’s strategic attachments is the Armored Deployment Platform. The custom built NIJ Level IV platform includes a sloping partial roof cover and a floor-to-roof front shield. The shield features a sliding center door and batwing doors on the outer edges, plus independent power for two

Go Lights. 

The ADP provides room for up to four fully-dressed officers and is equipped with two locking gun ports, two 5” x 9”sliding gun ports, four

bullet proof glass sight ports, and video cameras attached to the front of the platform with video feed to the equipment operator.

When the Armored Deployment Platform is mounted on the vehicle, the operator can raise it to 11 feet so that entry can be made on both the first and second floors, and the roof. In a vehicle takedown, the platform can be slanted downward for crowd control and rescues.

The ADP allows a bomb squad to be delivered closer to the proximity of a suspicious device eliminating long walking distances in heavy protective gear. With the attached rear platform lowered, three

additional officers can be carried to the scene more safely than stacking behind a hand-carried ballistic shield. Additional uses include hostage rescue and delivering hostage negotiation phones, food and medicines.


The Hydraulic Breaching Ram attachment delivers 6,500 psi of pressure and much more power than a traditional hand-carried ram. This standard attachment can extend out from 6 to 10 feet and give a controlled breach of the structure including block walls, reinforced steel doors, wood and concrete, hurricane windows and windows protected by burglar bars.

The Ram is equipped with four low-light video and one infrared, forward-view cameras recessed into the end – one on each side and one in front-giving the operator a 360° view of the breaching area. The video images are transmitted to the viewing screen inside the cab with the operator. The operator can view single camera feeds full screen or divide the screen into 6 views to see all ram cameras, and all of these can be transmitted to the command center.


The Grapple Claw and Bucket is intrusive and can be utilized to gain access to attics where suspects might be trying to hide or seek protection from ground level exposure. With 4,500 lbs. of lifting capacity, use of the grapple claw in removing fortified doors, burglar bars, or exterior shrubbery can simplify access for armed officers.

The grapple claw also aides in disaster relief efforts with the ability to remove debris from streets for emergency responders’ access.


The Vehicle Extraction Tool was fabricated for powerful use in the immobilization or removal of a vehicle in tactical applications. 

The tool can be used to push or pull a parked vehicle, pick up the car completely and move to a safe location, or positioned to lift rear wheels of an occupied vehicle to render it immobile. Sliding the extraction tool under the side of a vehicle enables lifting to carry the vehicle away.


• Caterpillar 287C Multi-Terrain Loader

• Engine – 84 Gross HP

• Two-Speed Power Train 9.3 mph

• Operating Weight 13,000 lbs. (Machine only)

• Ground Pressure 5.0 psi

• Fuel Tank 26 gal.

• Bucket Pin Height at Maximum Lift 127.3 in.

• Vehicle Width 78.0 in.

• Hydraulic Quick Coupler

• NIJ Level IV Armor

• Enclosed ROPS Cab with Air Conditioner/Heater

• Dual Level Suspension Undercarriage, Two Speed, Self Level, Advanced Machine Information and Controls System (AMICS)


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