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  ZF 100

ZF-100 is a paraffin & a sphaltene solution  which increases production and reduces the down time for unscheduled maintenance of oil wells . 

Alwafa International Co. is proud to declare that the ZF-100 as a new product is quickly gaining momentum as a new “gold standard” for increasing the production of oils wells and by turning waste sludge into crude that can be refined.

Applications :

  • Increase Production from Oil Wells .
  • removing asphaltene and paraffin from wells .
  • Cleaning Pipelines .
  • ZF-100 turning Hazardous Sludge from Tanks and Lagoons in Crude for a Profit.

ZF-100 Characteristics

  • 72% Biodegradable, environmentally friendly
  • ZF-100 is an aggressive formula showing quick results and lasting for an extended period
  • Eliminates paraffin and asphaltene issues
  • Applications include Down Hole, Flow Lines, Storage Tanks & Production equipment
  • ZF-100 is a dispersant with built-in crystal modifier
  • Increases Production if formation is plugged
  • Lowers Operating Costs by reducing well failures related to paraffin or asphaltene
  • Maintains cleaner Wells, Flow Lines, Valves, Separators and Storage Tanks
  • Increases the life of tubing by reducing corrosion .
  • Leaves a coating on the inside diameter of tubing and pipelines
  • Reduces the viscosity of heavy crude
  • Separates water from oil
  • Excellent for Squeezing
  • Excellent for Continuous Injection to prevent buildup of any paraffin or asphaltene in wells, storage tanks or pipelines
  • Excellent for Pigging Pipelines
  • Eliminates 90% of pigging
  • Turns Sludge Deposits in Storage Tanks into a crude oil ready to be refined. 
  • Enhances finished oil production for exceptional refining
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