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Gunzilla® BC -10 is specifically engineered to reduce weapon malfunctions in combat and to eliminate the health concerns associated with hazardous weapon cleaners and lubricants .

Gunzilla is designed to clean , lubricate and protect a weapon with one formula .

This patent pending product is made from natural based materials and contains no water , no petroleum and no hazardous chemicals . It cleans quicker than traditional cleaners , improves weapon reliability , and leaves a non-ionic coating for lubrication and protection. In Iraq , Gunzilla has reduced weapon malfunctions by 75% or more and is considered a life saving product by combat forces.

Gunzilla 8oz. pump spray

Gunzilla 16oz. bottle

Gunzilla 1 gallon can

Cleans , Lubricates and Protects. Safes LIVES, Save the Environment, Save Money.

For Handguns, Shotguns, Rifles, Automatic Weapons and Black Powder Guns.

  • Superior Cleaner
  • Superior Lubricant
  • Superior Rust Protection
  • Superior Accuracy

Gunzilla is currently being used by 24 Federal Law Enforcement Agencies , over 300 police departments and many military units fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan . It is considered by many to be “ a life saving product “.

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