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The Prowler ALTATV is a rugged COTS platform specifically designed to maximize superior performance and reliability while ensuring the safety and effectiveness of its operator. In military tactical applications, the Prowler is easily deployed, capable and nimble in hostile environments and is multi-mission configurable. Unlike any generic ATV-derived vehicle, the Prowler is built to provide maximum operator protection, enhance driver control, improve crew safety and reduce operator fatigue.


Characteristics :

  •  Chromalloy Steel ROPS Cage & Cargo Racks.
  •  True All-Wheel Drive.
  •  Full-time Engine Braking.
  •  True Full Stock Internally Transportable Vehicle (ITV).
  •  Double Reinforced Rim Wheels.
  •  Full Coverage Skid Plate Protection.
  •  Powder Coated Surface Finishes.
  •  Ease of Maintenance and Logistic Support.
  •  Full Compliance with the Scope and Intent of MIL-STD-882D System Safety.

Major Accessory Options:

  • 24 VDC Auxiliary Power System.
  • Extended Range Extra Heavy Duty Suspension.
  • High Performance Engine Enhancements.
  • Power Steering.
  • Wheel to Track Conversion Using Same Wheel Hub lugs.

Prowler exceeds all critical platform requirements for :

  •  Ease of Operation .
  •  Operator Protection .
  •  Performance .
  •  All Terrain Mobility .
  •  Tactical Deployment .
  •  Rugged Endurance .
  •  Reliability .
  •  Multi-Mission Configuration .


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