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AlWafa International Co. is the Sole Agent of Analytic Systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

   Analytic Systems manufactures a wide range of products useful in the Telecom Sector which include Battery Chargers (from AC or DC sources), DC-DC Voltage Converters (fully-isolated for use on positive or negative ground systems) and DC-AC Inverters.

Many of the products produced by Analytic Systems are used in Utility and Industrial environments. A common Utility voltage is 110 volts DC. However, power is required at 24 VDC for SCADA or PLC applications.

Alwafa International Co. supplies a series of fully isolated DC-DC voltage converters that convert 110 VDC (90 - 140 VDC actual) to a fully regulated 27.2 VDC at 300, 600, 1000 and 1500 watts. When provided with the optional paralleling diodes, multiple units can be run in parallel for additional power or redundancy. If the application calls for batteries at the 24 VDC level, we also provide DC-DC battery chargers at 300, 600, 1000 and 1500 watts.

Stand-alone version
DC/AC Pure-Sine Inverters
IVS100 Series Pure Sinewave Inverter

DC/AC Pure-Sine Inverters
IVS2000 Series Pure Sinewave Inverter

DC Battery Equalizers
BCD301 Series Battery Equalizer

AC Power Supplies
PWS610R Series
Power Supply  

AC Power Supplies
PWS1000 Series
Power Supply

AC Power Supplies
Power Supply  

AC Battery Chargers
BCA310 Battery Charger

AC Battery Chargers
FBCS-2K Forklift Battery
Charging System

DC/DC Battery Charger
Mission Critical Charger


Our Products

  • MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • DC-DC Voltage Converters
  • DC-AC Power Inverters
  • AC-DC Power Supplies
  • AC-AC Frequency Converters
  • DC & AC Source Battery Chargers
  • Configurable, OEM and Custom Power Solutions

Markets Served

  • Military
  • Solar & Alternative Energy Industrial
  • Commercial Marine
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Communications
  • Materials Handling & Forklifts
  • Fleet Utility
  • Automotive & Motorsports



  • Alternative Energy
  • PureSine Inverters & MPPT Solar Charge Controllers
  • Military
  • Power Supplies, pure sine inverters, battery chargers
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Plants
  • Converters, Power Supplies, Battery Chargers
  • Telecommunications Systems
  • 48-volt Inverters, Converters, Battery Chargers
  • Heavy-Duty Trucking
  • 12V Inverters
  • Commercial Marine
  • Battery Chargers, Inverters, Converters and
  • Frequency Converters
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Converters, Power Supplies
  • Railway Train Tracking
  • Solar Panel-powered Battery Chargers
  • Electric Forklifts
  • Converters and Inverters for computers
  • Mining Equipment
  • 250 VDC Inverters and DC-DC Converters
  • Heavy Industrial Equipment
  • 12 to 24-volt Step-up Voltage Converters
  • Power Generating Stations
  • 125 VDC Converters & Inverters
  • Race Teams
  • I n-car converters, Track
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